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Fairwings - up to 600€ refund on flight delays, cancellations, and denial of boarding

Was your flight delayed?
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We can handle this
and get you a refund for up to 600€.

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19% for us when we win for you!

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„When you experience a flight delay your are entitled under EU law to compensation. We provide you a fast and unbureaucratic way to help you get your compensation.“

A few steps to your compensation

eingeben1. Please enter your flight informationWe will examine how much compensation you are entitled.
verhandeln2. Negotiations with the airlineWe pursue your claim against the airline.
auszahlen3. Receive your compensationYou get up to 600€ compensation.

Lets begin. Please select what exactly happened:

My flight was delayed
My flight was cancelled.

Please describe any details you observed regarding the delay

Based on this we calculate your entitled compensation.

I reached my destination with a delay of 3 hours or more.
My flight was cancelled.
My flight was postponed or transferred.

Were there extraordinary circumstances as the reason for the incident?

Yes (eg. bad weather, security alarm, some form of emergency)
Maybe, I am not sure.

In extraordinary circumstances, such as bad weather, or emergencies, unfortunately refunds are not available :-(

You are not sure whether exceptional circumstances existed?

contact us or use our service. We'll help you personally!

Do you know the reasons resulting in the delay? How did the airline respond?

Please tell us about the situation prior to boarding.

Your flight information:

You find these data in your flight documents that you mostly have received by e-mail.
This Airline is located outside the EU and therefore unfortunately excluded from compensation.
Your claim is barred unfortunately :-(

Gute Nachrichten. Sie haben Anspruch auf Entschädigung!

Wählen Sie nun aus zwei Möglichkeiten:

Fairwings versucht das Geld von der Fluggesellschaft zu holen, bis zu 600 €. Dies kann bis zu 6 Monate dauern und klappt zu 80%. Im Erfolgsfalle behält Fairwings 25% Provision.
Ist mir zu umständlich. Ich bekomme sofort 150 € ausgezahlt! Damit hat sich für mich alles erledigt und das Risiko trägt Fairwings.

Please upload your flight documents now.

Photo of your flight ticket, or your flight confirmation as an e-mail, scan, or PDF file, are very useful.

Good news:
You have great chances of up to €600 compensation!

Decide what happens next:

You contact the airline by yourself

  • Hopeless (most of the time the airlines ignore such writings)
  • Stressful (Paperwork with the airline)
  • Long & tiring (it can take years)
  • You have no experience with the legal matter.
  • If you want to go to court, you need an expensive lawyer.
  • If you have success at some point, you keep even the 19% commission for yourself.

Fairwings does it for you

  • There are no costs (even if unsuccessful) for you (no win - no fee).
  • Very high chances of success through our experience
  • No expense for you, we take all paperwork.
  • Our friendly customer service is always there for you.
  • Even if go to court for you, No costs for you.
  • We are cheaper than our competitors:
  • We keep only 19% commission for our success.

You hire a good lawyer

  • You have to pay the attorney directly.
  • If not successful, you stay on the sit costs.
  • Lawyers have usually little experience in the field.
  • Significant costs incurred in a dispute before the Court.

We are glad for you to be active!

Now enter your contact information:

Travel companions

Enter the persons with whom you were travelling.

Your refund is not far away.

1. Please enter your flight information
Verhandeln2. Negotiations with the airline
auszahlen3. Receive your compensation

We have now collected all the information in order to pursue your compensation claim against the airline.

Next step: Once you permit us to begin we will start processing your case.

I could rely on Fairwings.
A fantastic service!
Hanna from Bielefeld



Flight data

Flight number
Details of the delay

Personal Data

Your name
Postal code / City


E-mail address
Telephone number

I allow Fairwings to make my claim for compensation.

If Fairwings is successfull I will receive up to 600€ refund, from which Fairwings reserves a 19% commission.

There will be no costs at any time for me (even if Fairwings is not successful).

I have read the terms of use and the privacy statements and I agree with them.

I may withdraw my order within 14 days, it is sufficient to send an informal e-mail to [email protected].


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Do you have any more questions?Simply contact us.

Why Fairwings?

FairWe are fair.

We have a good rapport with all airlines and we will negotiate the best result for you.

ProfessionellWe are professional.

EU law is tricky. We know all of the details and what is most important.

UnkompliziertWe are simple

Simply click through our short questionnaire and enter a few details about your flight - that's it. If we have questions, we will call you.

EinfachYou don't have to do anything

Simply give us your claim and we will do the rest. We will even go court for you if it is really necessary.

Check your claim now!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How much of a refund can I get?

An EU regulation governs the amount of available compensation. Basically, the larger the flight distance, the greater the amount. It ranges from 250€ to 600€, as long as no exceptional circumstances occurred. Our lawyers will negotiate the best result for you. More...

How fast will I get my refund?

Immediately after successful negotiations with the airline, you will receive your payout. Usually the whole process takes about two months. If the airline is difficult we may need to go to court which may take a bit longer.

How much is Fairwings?

Not a penny. Our attorneys and our team are working for you, and if we are successful, we will retain 19% of the reimbursement as commission fee for our services. If we do not succeed, we get nothing. At no time do you have to make any payments.

How can I contact Fairwings?

Perhaps the easiest and most direct means to contact Fairwings would be via the Chat option in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Additionally, you may email us at [email protected] or by telephone at +49-251-149 812 90 (German landline). Alternatively, if you would write us an email with your telephone number, we would also be happy to call you back promptly.

The delayed flight was annoying! But with Fairwings and its friendly customer service receiving my refund was so easy.Dirk Bendrich from Cologne

What exactly happened?

My flight was delayed
My flight was cancelled.